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I'm thinking about logging some of my land. What should I know?

Log market prices fluctuate widely and often. The value of timber on your property is directly related to the difficulty of harvesting it and the distance your property is from a mill. Timber can be a great long-term investment. As you wait, the wood continues to grow, and add Volume and Value. Historically there has been a real price increase (over and above inflation) in timber prices. So a wait and see strategy works well for many landowners. If you are considering a timber harvest, It is suggest that you:

Who makes personal sawmills?

What about these chainsaw mills?

How do I get rid of the stumps?

How do I get rid of brush?

How many BTU's are in a cord of wood?

Efficiency will depend on the moisture content and your stove.

Can wood be burned in a coal stove?

What wood is best to burn?

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