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When do you harvest the sap?

According to people who make maple syrup in Ohio, a sugar run is when the sap from maple trees is running and can be boiled into syrup. This occurs when the nights have been cold (32 degrees F. or colder) and the daytime temps. are 40 degrees F. or above. You can tap a maple tree and get sap from it, even if it doesn't freeze at night. But, you probably won't get enough sap to boil down into syrup.

Where should I boil the syrup?

It is a good idea to boil outside. My father-in-law removed every last shred of wallpaper in his kitchen the first time he ever tried to boil indoors, and you can use a lot of power doing it with an electric stove. Outside is inferior to a purpose-built sugaring house, but far better than inside.

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